Sunday, November 28, 2010

Loving Auckland

Parnell got some loving last night from a team of people gathered together by the wonderful Knitty Graffity. They were machines - putting up 105 hearts in an hour and a half!

I've finally perfected the art of the speedy heart, while keeping with my perfectionist tendencies which dictate that the yarn must all be wound the same way. (Smidgeon obsessive compulsive.) But I had nothing on the speed demons with the fluffy yarn. Best use (only use?) for novelty yarn ever.

We had a great time down there despite the threat (and sprinkling!) of rain. The live music from the bar across the road was awesome and so were the drunk people that wandered out to join in! haha
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

More pics on flickr and on Knitty Graffity's blog.
Graffitti Style