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Various Types of Media to Create a Graffiti Alphabets

  • graffiti alphabets, graffiti art
graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Jimmie Martin Ltd

Verona and Romeo and Juliet have been inspired by Anna James's visits to Juliet's house in Verona, Italy. She is totally captivated by the graffiti covering the walls at the archway entrance, all of it being declarations of love by visiting lovers, of all ages, from all over the world. The colours, and the messages create completely unique images.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Anna devised a process to replicate the walls on furniture, by taking a series of digital images, which she then transposed onto her carefully prepared period pieces. Because messages are constantly being added to the walls, Anna's design for her Verona furniture is unique to a particular moment in time, and gives each piece it's own individual artwork and identity.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Love Anna James

Angel Ortiz was a New York street artist whose collaboration with other well-known 1980s artist such as Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf, brought him recognition. The pieces below were assembled with a venturesome commitment to emerging artists. L.A. II. In 2006, these great looking pieces by tagger Angel Ortiz were sold at an art auction:

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: Angel Ortiz, L.A. II, Birch armoire with two doors and three drawers decorated with graffiti designs in black and silver marker. Signed and tagged throughout. 72" x 32" x 17"

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: Angel Ortiz, L.A. II, Birch plywood six-drawer dresser decorated with graffiti designs in black and silver marker. Signed and tagged throughout. 30" x 48" x 16 1/2"

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: Angel Ortiz, L.A. II, Glass vase decorated with silver paint pen. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the artist. Signed and tagged throughout. 13 3/4" x 12", sold for $600.00

Is Graffiti the next plaid?

Now it's not only left the walls and subway trains to jump to canvases and rebel galleries, but graffiti has found it's way onto everything from apparel to housewares. There are graffiti lamps, belts, pillows, bath towels, jewelry, and much, much more. In several instances it's even offered as a pattern choice. Solids, stripes or graffiti?

Even athletic shoe company, New Balance, had just released Graffiti kicks in two color variations, joining Converse who already offers a Graffiti hi-top. And street artists, Stash and Sket One are designing custom area rugs.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti artgraffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: limited edition wool rugs by tagger Stash.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: limited edition wool rugs by tagger Sket.

More than one company has produced dinnerware in graffiti styles and now, with Furniture Graphics, you can have a graffiti sideboard to store it in.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

There are so many more items on the market and below are some examples. Just click on each image to be taken to a place for more information and a link to purchase.

Tag, you're it! Graffiti inspired items

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

There are graffiti coloring books, how to books, typefaces or fonts, wall stickers, the Graffiti Creator, an online graffiti text generator, laptop skins, even Dell computer collaborated with artist Mike Ming to design 2 limited edition laptops.

Dell is not the only large company to collaborate with street and graffiti artists to sell products. Adidas had a great project named End 2 End where they hired 7 street artists to decorate shoes.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

See the End 2 End sneaks here.

Coming soon from Boost Mobile is a collaboration with artists MINT and SERF (from the East Coast) and MAINFRAME (from the West Coast) to produce the desktop speakers seen below.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

You can pre-order the speakers here.

Beverage Company AriZona has release a graffiti-themed energy drink named All City NRG in appropriately graffiti-decorated cans:

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Originating in Brooklyn, AriZona pays tribute to all cities with a colorful energy drink featured in 3 limited edition subway series cans. This bold NON-CARBONATED drink combines pomegranate flavor, green tea and a high energy performance blend. Buy it here.

Alison Nelson's Chocolate Bar of NY makes Graffiti chocolate bars, each decorated by a different graffiti artist with a portion of the proceeds benefiting The All Stars Project:

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Also available in a gift box as a set of ten:

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Buy the chocolate bars here.

Graffiti Taxonomy is an ongoing project by Evan Roth which presents isolated letters from various graffiti tags, reproduced in similar scales and at close proximity. The intent of these studies is to show the diversity of styles as expressed in a single character.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: The 'S' is reproduced from photographs of tags taken in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He is currently seeking any leads for funding or from publications that would allow me to complete each letter of the alphabet from tags found throughout New York City. Please send any leads to Evan at

You can buy prints of his Graffiti Taxonomy here.

And yes, the trend has even hit the baby demographic.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above left: personalized baby sleepsuit from Stardust.
Above right: graffiti rockin' blocks available on etsy

There are graffiti inspired blocks, custom personalized onesies and even custom graffiti hats and clothes for toddlers. Timberland even makes Nubuck graffiti boots for toddlers!

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Buy them here (and they are on sale now).

And for your canine companions, you can get Graffiti collars and leads!:

graffiti alphabets, graffiti artgraffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Buy them here.

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Above: bombings by Sweet Uno

A brief history of Graffiti:
In America around the late 1960s, graffiti was used as a form of expression by political activists, and also by gangs such as the Savage Skulls, La Familia, and Savage Nomads to mark territory. Towards the end of the 1960s, the signatures (called 'tags')of Philadelphia graffiti writers Top Cat, Cool Earl and Cornbread started to appear.

Around 1970-71, the center of graffiti innovation moved to New York City where writers following in the wake of TAKI 183 and Tracy 168 would add their street number to their nickname, "bomb" a train with their work, and let the subway take it—and their fame, if it was impressive, or simply pervasive, enough—"all city". Bubble lettering held sway initially among writers from the Bronx, though the elaborate Brooklyn style Tracy 168 dubbed "wildstyle" would come to define the art.[8][10] The early trendsetters were joined in the 70s by artists like Dondi, Futura 2000, Daze, Blade, Lee, Zephyr, Rammellzee, Crash, Kel, NOC 167 and Lady Pink.

By 1971 tags began to take on their signature calligraphic appearance because, due to the huge number of artists, each graffiti artist needed a way to distinguish themselves. Aside from the growing complexity and creativity, tags also began to grow in size and scale – for example, many artists had begun to increase letter size and line thickness, as well as outlining their tags. This gave birth to the so-called 'masterpiece' or 'piece' in 1972. Super Kool 223 is credited as being the first to do these pieces. (source: Wikipedia).

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Links about graffiti:
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Graffiti Art || Various Types of Media to Create a Graffiti Alphabets


Art Symbol Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art

Graffiti Art || Art Symbol Graffiti Alphabets

Not only letters and numbers that can be made in graffiti art, but also a symbol for the bus creation we graffiti art with the various models, you may also want to create graffiti alphabets with the symbol of the other. Please do not hesitate to try it out.


Blue Generation Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art
Graffiti Art || Blue Generation Graffiti Alphabets

I call this generation of blue color main display as blue, so impressive as the color of the sky so beautiful, bright and captivating.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Abstract Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti alphabets, graffiti art
Graffiti Art || Abstract Graffiti Alphabets

Graffiti alphabets is the abstract, so the letters shown in the graffiti is not clear, but with green display with a combination of color support, this graffiti appears quite so alive and interesting.


Abstract to Wall Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti art, graffiti alphabets
Graffiti Art || Abstract to Wall Graffiti Alphabets

Abstract art are very difficult to understand and for the layman to understand, because what the purpose and goals of graffiti drawn on was very difficult to understand, but it will certainly remain abstract art in both the treasury graffiti alphabets.


Abstract of Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti art, graffiti alphabets
Graffiti Art || Abstract of Graffiti Alphabets

When in the evening we take a stroll in the garden wall of graffiti alphabets, we will certainly feel different to the no. Perhaps the person who will be happy to happy and vice versa for people who are not happy will hate to see it, especially as the graffiti on the abstract for the common people is very difficult to understand.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Graffiti Alphabets in The Field of Linear

graffiti art, graffiti alphabets

Graffiti Art || Graffiti Alphabets in The Field of Linear

In the field of linear graffiti alphabets abstract model, the causeway will be more abstract and more difficult to sense again the author's intent. But we as people do not feel small heart first, because it is abstract art that can also be learned by everyone.


"Stop Deportation Now!"

"Stop Deportation Now!", originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.

It's been a busy wee while here at OutdoorKnit.

Knitsch yarns had a wonderful soft launch at Craft2.0 on Thursday to the gorgeous sounds of Spartacus R. Thanks a million to the wonderful Sue who does an amazing organising job every time.

Same night I got my dirty little paws on the latest issue of World Sweet World.

It's been a week of great magazines - new Peppermint, new WSW, and the launch of extra curricular...

Most importantly though, there is an article on the one and only stiX in the pages of WSW. Awww.
And again, same night, Kowhai of the Wellingtonista passed on our official looking T4WAs nominations - complete with fanfare. Needless to say it was a little exciting. See the one on the left? Yep, that says Wellingtonian of the Year. What an honour. We're nominated alongside some pretty amazing Wellingtonians so it is pretty special just to be considered for the category. Voting is open from now until 15 December, so get your votes in!

Possibly there are enough superlatives in just this post so shall leave it there. In the next few days the grovelling shall begin - we need help!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tel Aviv Bus Stop Subversions

Bus Stop Subversions, originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.

Click photograph for more subversion on INSPIRE Collective's flickr.

"Stop Deportation Now!"

Eeeeek - 2 days!

Late notice, I know! My apologies, I've had a distinct lack of internet over these last few weeks. Get knitting for climate change!

Knitters Unite for Climate Change
- Monday, November 30, 2009 at 4:53pm

Calling all knitters, we need you - experienced or not!

It’s really simple, you just need to cast 10 centimeters of yarn onto your needles and start knitting. Then send in what you have knitted and we can join all the pieces together. The objective is to peacefully protest around Climate Change and Copenhagen; we will have messages hanging off the very long yarn trail from Auckland's Aotea Square all the way down to Britomart! That's 800 metres to be exact!

There are no aesthetic requirements for your contribution. We just ask that you get it to us by December 11, ready for December 12th's global day of action calling for world leaders at the Copenhagen climate conference to sign a fair, ambitious and binding climate treaty.

For more information, contact Oxfam NZ's climate change Campaign Coordinator Susi Newborn on (09) 355 6852, or

Graffiti Art Fierce Alphabets

punk, rock, graffiti alphabets
graffiti art, graffiti alphabets, canvas
big, graffiti art, graffiti alphabets
big, graffiti art, graffiti alphabets
Graffiti Art || Graffiti Art Fierce Alphabets

Art by using letters of the alphabet is truly remarkable, because the alphabet can be made into a form that can be substantial and interesting, one example of the current developments happening in graffiti art, graffiti and the art has many branches, such as graffiti alphabets , Graffiti art, graffiti tags alphabet and so on.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Beautiful Light Street Graffiti Alphabets

graffiti alphabets light brown, graffiti art
graffiti alphabets light red, graffiti art
graffiti alphabets light pink, graffiti art
graffiti alphabets light blue, graffiti art
graffiti alphabets light green, graffiti art
Graffiti Art || Beautiful Light Street Graffiti Alphabets

Wall street will feel beautiful and look amazing, if the wall is a creation of great art, like graffiti art that was known at this time.

Graffiti art also has the kinds and forms such as, graffiti alphabets, graffiti art, graffiti murals, 3D graffiti alphabet, and many others.

Create your environment is also an interesting creations with making graffiti on the wall, so that your environment look more beautiful and simple. Try and do not hesitate to step you take it.
Graffitti Style