Thursday, January 6, 2011


Dear Next magazine,

There are knit taggers south of the Bombay hills. Next time, if you're going to use one of our photos, at least mention us.


PS we did heaps more before the heart fence too, aye.

Also got my grubby mitts on a copy of Yarnbombing. Freaking cool book. Once there is a little spare time on my hands, the convertible cardi is so going on the needles.

Unfortunately it's my fault we don't have any pics in the book (long story, we were asked!). But OutdoorKnit is mentioned, albeit as Australians. Sigh. Bummer. We is most deffo Kiwis.

Had a fabuloso time at The Annual Wellingtonista Awards. We were pipped at the post by Yayoi Kusama for Best Public Art Experience, and Martin Bosley's City Market for Wellingtonian of the year. It was still pretty special to be nominated, and stiX came! Super excited that's she's back in Welly for a week. I'm on a mission to convince her that the capital is the place to be.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. In the very New Year there shall be announcements galore around our Next Big Project.

Knitsch xx
Graffitti Style