Saturday, October 30, 2010

Naaila Graffiti Alphabet Skateboard 2010

gaffiti skateboard

So if graffiti is cool, and skateboarding is cool, a skateboard decorated with graffiti must be ultra cool! For many years, skateboarding, just like graffiti was seen by many people as being anti-social. When skateboarding is mentioned, the perception of many that springs to mind is that of pedestrians been harassed on the pavements by young tearaways, and likewise, mention graffiti art and most people think of properties vandalism with spray paint! People generally fail to see beyond these perceptions, they fail to see the talent that exists in many graffiti artists and skateboarders.

So with the many links between skateboarding and graffiti, it’s not surprising that skateboard graffiti has become so popular with boarders. Creating great graffiti designs for skateboard decks is a great use of an artists talents. Painting graffiti on your deck (grip) is also known as "grip graffiti", As a skateboarder, you’ve got three choices: paint your own deck (grip graffiti); pay an artist to paint it for you; or buy a skateboard with a printed graffiti deck ready done.

Let’s go with the first option, creating your own graffiti design and painting your own skateboard deck. The best skateboard deck manufacturers are: ATM, Black Label, Gringo, Dog town, Z Products. Once you’ve chosen a blank deck, you need to draw and paint your design on it. If you need to know more about how to draw graffiti letters and characters, take a look round our site for lots of instructional resources.

If you’re not a graffiti artist yourself and you don’t want to learn, you could find yourself a graffiti artist via Google to do it for you.

Finally, if you just want to buy a graffiti skateboard, take a look at these boards below, they’re pretty cool!

Graffitti Style