Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Bomb-It!" Screening in Tel Aviv w/ Director Jon Reiss

"Bomb-It!" Screening in Tel Aviv (by ! INSPIRE Collective !)
Director Jon Reiss will be in the middle east in a few weeks and he's asked INSPIRE Collective if we could set up a screening of his movie "Bomb-It!" We're thrilled to be able to help him out with it:
By now, a large part of the international graffiti/public art world has seen his film, “Bomb-It!” An incredible introduction into the global dedication of public vandals and artists alike, “Bomb-It!” presses the viewer to open their minds to the art-forms & lives of graffiti/street artists as they do their thing. The film seems to go straight to the heartbeat of this international subculture & as the public art movement progresses around the world, Jon Reiss travels to many different areas, and next month he’ll be in Tel Aviv! We’re honored to host a screening of the original film, “Bomb-It!” live with Jon...see above image for screening details also visit for more about the film &Jon Reiss’. Bomb it!!!
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