Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spreading the love

This fence was beautified by the students of Miramar South school after I met one of the teachers when we were mid-crafting on Vivian Street. I love that the idea was taken on and that they added their own touch, each student thinking about something they loved about school, their family, or themselves and then weaving each story into the heart. That fence holds a lot of love!

I've heard there are some hearts also at Thorndon School? I'd love it if someone could send me a photo sometime.

Anyway, here's the deal. I have something in the pipelines for Valentine's Day in conjunction with the uber talented and totally inspiring Knitty Graffitty. But then I thought about it and decided I should get more people in on it... so... I want hearts. Tonnes of 'em!

I ask you (very very nicely) to get hold of a little bit of yarn, wrap it on to a bobbin of sorts (we used an ice cream container cut up into 3cm x 3cm squares), carry it in your handbag or pocket, and go fence hunting.

I would absolutely love to post pictures of hearts woven on fences from around New Zealand... nay! The world!

Do you think you can do it? Get out with a group and make people smile!

Dedicate a heart to your loved one for Valentine's Day. I'm not sure I buy into it usually, but it seems a good enough day as any to express some love to your friends or family.

Pxt 'em through to me on 021 2678658 or email and I'll put them up here. Feel free to include a message if you want and I'll put it up with the photo.
Graffitti Style