Sunday, December 19, 2010

When do we stop?

First up - CNN! Been meaning to post this for ages, but here it is. Go stiX and the heart fence!

now the thoughtful bit-

Of late i've struggled with whether or not to continue with knit graffiti.

My concept of what knit graffiti is, and why I do it, is pretty strong. I want to challenge, inspire, and do the unexpected. Not only have I not felt that i've been achieving this of late, but the amount of 'knit graffiti' has jumped dramatically.

So I had a conversation with my mother (as you do) about why and how and if. We considered the definition of what I call 'knit graffiti' with 'knit tags'. There are the pieces that are put up because they look pretty, and those that are saying something. The knitted squares that go on trees because it is 'fun', and the carefully considered statement pieces put up to prove that craft can be art.

On the third hand, there are the 'installations' - crafted tags attached with the blessing of an authority, be it in public or in a gallery.

Personally I want to progress OutdoorKnit to keep saying stuff, but say it differently, to continue to find new and different ways to stand up for craft and feminism and thought-provoking public art. Having decided this, I was happy to continue, albeit quietly for the time being.

This week friend in Ireland sent me the link to the video below. I watched it, rolled my eyes and went back to those original thoughts. You can't get more mass media than Vodafone, really.

What's the point if it is mainstream and no longer seen as subversive? And then I thought of Banksy, and even the Wellington graffiti crew who continue to inspire despite the fact graffiti is seen more and more as 'mainstream'. They keep going, so, dammit, will I. But my work will be more considered and carefully crafted. And i'm going to keep saying stuff.

Who's with me?

Graffitti Style